Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Can't blog on a hang over

Dang I've been trying to get the energy back to blog, had a pretty hard weekend. I don't mind not blogging on the weekend, my traffic dips at this time of the week and posting to keep it up hasn't ever really worked, the problem is that if I'm not blogging I'm partying and more often than not I'm hung over for Monday and Tuesday.

That kind of situation doesn't really fit well with doing sponsored posts, over the weekend I received a rather large amount of offers, if I had my A game I would have taken most of them along with writing a bunch of regular posts to go along with them, but I had to let most of them pass me by.

On another note I think it's about time that I started promoting this blog, I haven't done any for Random Shock, a few forum posts but that's about it. I've come across a few Social Bookmarking sites that are dedicated to this kind of blog, money making and SEO etc, really wish I had bookmarked them, need some back links.

Though I think this technique is probably going to get made redundant in the near future, I have no evidence apart from if you do your research and put in the effort it's so darn easy to rank well for pretty much any topic you want.

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