Friday, August 10, 2007

Catching that Rush Hour traffic

So I made a post last night about being shocked that I was already receiving google traffic for the post with-in half an hour of posting.

So it's been half a day since then and I'd like to look at what is happening while it's still hot. I came to the video a little late, most of the places I would usually submit my posts to already had the story and they were very popular to, the only problem with their submissions was that they hadn't done their research, there were actually two videos, that's why I think mine has taken off a little, people are linking to my post saying "hey look there's a second video".

In half a day I have had nearly 4000 visits to MPL, I expect to be at 5 or 6 thousand by the end of the day. Money wise, there's a little increase, but nothing to write home about, what I am happy about is the number of links this post is getting I keep seeing new referrers every hour or so, mostly from forums, but I'm collecting these forums up coz it looks like they like this stuff and they are busy forums and I can use them in the future.

So how am I looking at this, I'd say I took a story that was at the brink of being at rush hour, I added to it something most had missed and nudged my way into that rush hour traffic, though I think of my post as a skateboarder hanging onto the back eighteen wheeler.

How did I nudge my way in? I know where the highways are, sure I use the diggs and the sumbleupons, but you should never forget the old school, pre 2.0, they work great.

The traffic will die down, I will be left with a bucket load of natural links, this can be repeated as well, the only problem is I miss 99% of the time.

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