Friday, August 10, 2007

GothScene, dating with a difference

GothScene is a dating site for the more freaky of us out there, I've never come across a goth dating site before, I have seen a few other dating sites, but this is a lot more different, for starters you can view profiles without having to sign-up which is a lot better than some of the more traditional dating websites out there.

The design of the site is what got me, it's so easy to navigate, punch in some details and presto you got a multitude of profiles to view, I got to add again, without being forced to sign-up.

You can look up goth guys, goth girls and judging by the search results there are literally hundreds if not thousands of goth minded people to meet.

GothScene is one of the easiest dating sites to use that I have come across and there's some very beautiful people to choose from.

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