Monday, August 20, 2007

Quick Rant about Payed Posting

I've gotten into payed posting quite a bit lately, not to much, I'm kind of liking Payu2blog, I like the pretty liberal way you can write the posts, most of the ones I have done, I have written from personal experiences related to the assignments and I'm finding I'm writing a bit more about myself in doing so, more than I would with not doing the assignments.

I'm also finding that with PayPerPost it's pretty competitive, new offers come up and before you know it the spots are already full, though I have always got a few offers I can do.

That leaves with the other similar services that I have signed up with, not really worth mentioning, well because assignments are very far and few between.

Payed to post services have definitely given my blog earnings a major boost, with them I've doubled my regular earnings of last month, all I need now is to be payed for all of it, then I'll have more to say.

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