Saturday, August 18, 2007

Showing up in Search Engines fast

A few posts back I wrote about how I had a post show up in google within half an hour. I was a little shocked about it, I've never seen that happen so fast before, thinking about how that may have happened I can only think of two things, either spiders had just crawled my blog or it was attributed to where I had submitted the post.

The post that got placed so fast was this one, Haiti UFO videos, the content of that post at the time was just beginning to take off and most of the other sources hadn't mentioned the second video, so I knew I had to get it out there before someone else did, so I quickly went about submitting it to a bunch of social bookmarking sites and a few other places I know about that have huge traffic.

After that process I checked out my stats to see what was going on, I was pretty shocked to see quite a few referrals from google for that post, I was actually pretty happy about it.

Why do I think this happened? Well the social bookmarking sites for sure, though my post didn't take off on all but a couple of them, the backlinks are what helped, more places to be seen and the keywords at the time weren't competitive, so I got a load of traffic from a rising hot topic.

The Secret, A few posts back I wrote something about not giving your secrets away for fear of them becoming to common, well I might as well give that away now since the Thirty Day Challenge are teaching people exactly what it is, though a lot lot better than what I was doing.

Basically what I would do is do my keyword research, competitor research and submit the post to Netscape, wait a few hours, a day at most and watch as my blog post reached top position of the search results.

With the way I was doing it if I did a search for a term I wanted to use and it yielded low search engine results I could be fairly certain that I could rank well for it with just one submission to netscape, the only problem was I couldn't be certain if the search term would bring traffic, the thing I was using to estimate traffic is pretty old and I don't think accurate at all.

I guess the other social bookmarking sites helped quite a bit, but usually I'm to lazy to go about submitting a post to a bunch of them and I find Netscape does a pretty good job of it.

Anyway if you want to try this out with the best possible advice I'd suggest doing the Thirty Day Challenge, the techniques they share are pretty mind blowing, especially the techniques that show you how to pick a key phrase and show you how to properly gauge the amount of traffic it will pull in.


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