Sunday, August 26, 2007

Two years on and Two Sales

I have been an Amazon Associate for more than two years now and up until a couple of days ago I had never made a single sale, this weekend I made two sales and I put it down to loosely following the Thirty Day Challenge

I followed the challenge, did my keyword and competition research following the advice in the challenge and settled on a key phrase to test it all out. The key phrase I chose estimated that it would get about 250 searches a day on google and in Ed Dales experience if you set things up right you could/should get one sale per 200 targeted visits. He seems to be right about that, my traffic compares to what he has said through out the challenge, about 400 visits and two sales.

Now that I know this works I'll probably be less half arsed about it and give it more attention, though the products in the niche I chose are very inexpensive it does have really expensive counterparts, though I'll probably look for a aff program that pays better than Amazon does, for now though I'll still be in testing.

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