Wednesday, August 22, 2007

What I think I know about Successful Blogging

Sometimes I feel like I'm going around in circles when it comes to blogging, sometimes I understand it completely and sometimes I don't. What I am sure of is that the more you blog the more successful you will be. Learn from everything you do, failures, successes everything will add to your success.

So what do I think I know about blogging, just warning ya now this may get ranty.
  • Content is King, nuff said.
  • Your post pages are just as important as you main page, every post you make has the potential to pull traffic to your blog.
  • Back Links are important for every one of your pages, get links to you latest post for example.
  • Just because you write it doesn't mean they'll come, you may have to publicize your posts to get them in front of people by using social bookmarking sites etc, I see sites like that as places to submit little mini press releases.
  • Get more back links.
  • Interact with people, other bloggers, on forums, social networking sites etc. This is one aspect I am really hopeless with, but I see major benefits with it, for example you'll have people you can turn to, ask advice, exchange ideas, get critiques, ask favors and stuff. you know what they say, there's safety in numbers.
  • Be ahead of the rest, be the blogger that people turn to, though I think this is something that is really hard to achieve.
  • Do your research, with your posts, keywords, stats, competition.
  • Make money by not concentrating on it, unless it is something like payed posts, but once you get into the swing of things with those it's easy as. If it's something like adsense well that's a passive earner it will increase as your blog does.
  • Know how the money earning programs make you money, I have found that pretty much every other program I have use makes pretty much the same as adsense would, though I don't have enough room on my blogs to use them all.
  • Be organized, set up feed readers, organize your bookmarks, know of the most useful places for you.
  • Test things, once you know what works write it down, stop testing it and leave it as is.
  • At some point you'll get to when there are areas of your blog that you won't have to tweak anymore, leaving more room for posting and I feel eventually all that will be left to do is write posts, after post activities and socializing.
Not a complete list, just what I could think of off the top of my head.

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