Sunday, September 09, 2007

Amazon continues to sell

So I've been following my Amazon stats patiently waiting for each update just to see if I've made any more sales and I have had a few more orders, I'm still shocked by it all. So far so good, the big flurry of sales wasn't just a one off and it seems to be sustainable, most of the items sold were all pretty much under the $10 mark which makes sense seeing that the items I'm targeting myself are around $10. The item I'm targeting seem to be something people will buy along with other things.

Why I find this so shocking is that it was so easy to achieve and it is repeatable, I never really thought the advise I was following would pay off.

The advice I was following was from The Thirty Day Challenge, I followed the whole thing and it really does work and you can apply it to pretty much any niche you can think of, I'd highly recommend taking on the challenge.

I feel the secret of the course is how they show you how to research and how to accurately gauge it.

I don't want to get into it to much because it won't do the course justice, it is thirty days after all, there's a couple of powerful tools they introduce throughout the course that I think should be illegal, just kidding, but they're so powerful and best of all free.

Anyway I'm off to research a few more ideas now and do it properly this time around because my half baked attempt is making me money, imagine if I actually put some effort into it, I'd be rolling in it.


Joe said...

Wow, very cool you are starting to rake in the cash from Amazon. There are so many ways to monetize on the 'net if you have the desire, its rediculous.

Clip said...

Yea it's amazing just how much money there is to be made from the internet, you just got to know where and how and your set.

It does take a lot of hard work and testing aye, but I feel once you have some rock solid ways of earning you'll be set.