Sunday, September 30, 2007

Blog Round-up for September 2007

So it's that time again to look back on the months activities, wasn't a very active month, I'm actually having trouble remembering if I did anything significant.

I think there's two things worth mentioning, one is my Amazon Affiliate products site, I'm taking things slow with it so I can fully analyze what it's doing, along with most of the sites competing for the same key phrase it keeps jumping around all over the place, if I do some link building it'll jump onto the first page of results but will slowy go back down, if I update it'll jump to the first page. What I think I have to do with it is to, well, update and build links, I'm guessing that when I have just enough it'll have stable search engine placement. Most of the competing sites don't seem to be link building, but they are proper sites and probably optimized nicely.

The second thing worth mentioning is that I have gone on a quest with my new blog Game Junker, the quest is to own the ultimate gaming system by the end of the year using only money earned online. Before I started this I didn't really have any kind of a goal with what I wanted from this whole making money online thing, I have roughly a grand all up so far coming my way in the next two weeks, but I'm using that to pay off most of my debts and any new money made online will go towards the quest. I need about US$3,000 to fulfill my quest and I hope to achieve this by the end of this year, so I better get cracking.

Traffic Report - Not much to say, MPL is my biggest traffic getter, but I haven't been able to increase what I usually get daily, one thing I have noticed with topic of the paranormal is that the common words have loads of competition, though not as much interest as I thought they would have had and the jump in traffic from the main keywords to long tail and sub-niches is pretty substantial.

Earnings Report - I wanted to make about $400 for September but wasn't able to achieve this, only a hundred bucks off that goal though and was my biggest month without the bonus I got in August.


Total earned in September: $296.08
Total for August: $434.92
Total for July: $82.91
Total for June: $87.78
Total for May: $57.99

Total for 5 months: $959.68

A large chunk of my earnings came from payed to blog programs, namely Payperpost and payu2blog, the other major chunks came from my regular monthly earners which bring me in about $30 each, namely Adsense and Textlinkads. I think it's time to get a regular plan in place for the Payed to Blog services and also concentrate on gaining loads more traffic, time to get going and hopefully I'll have a better month to report on next moth.

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