Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Can you handle the comments?

We all like getting comments right, can you handle when the comments get so involved that they're beyond your control, I know I can't. I try to answer every comment I get, be it from responding to a comment on my own blog or visiting the blog of those who left the comment and leaving one of my own.

Sometimes though I leave the commenter's to their own devices, such as one post on My Paranormal Life about a movie called Zeitgeist. The comments left on this post are huge in comparison to any other comments I get, it's like reading a short story, they are very involved and it's gotten to a point where I no longer feel able to respond to most of them, I just don't have the knowledge to.

So I leave it up to those who comment on that post regularly. Quite a bit of controversy there and there's one person that seems to respond to any comments left so I leave it up to him, he's very passionate about the topic and his comments fit the controversial nature of the movie quite well.

I really wish I gad more comment action like this, it was nothing I did apart from share a video on my blog, something I need to learn is how to create on going discussions, it makes people regulars.

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Sometimes getting too many comments becomes difficult to handle it.