Monday, September 03, 2007

How much cash can I make online today

So I want to record how much money I can make today online and will finish when I go to bed, I have no plan, but I'm going to start out with what I know and work into the not so known.

I will update this post as I make some cash online, strictly speaking it won't be money in the hand, I'll still have to wait for approvals etc

So stick around and see how much cash I can make online today.

Just did a post for PayPerPost = $5
Just did 2 PayU2Blog offers for a total of = $10

Been a little distracted, was going to go hard, but $15 today ain't to bad so far, lets see if I can make some more.

Edit: Time to stop, I'm gonna try this again at some point when I have a clear day ahead of me, to many distractions today. I'll just sum up things quickly total $15 from payed to blog deals, plus some income from adsense and a few other places adds up to about another $1.50 so $16.50 ain't bad.

I should have done this on Friday when I did actually put more effort in, made $45 that day.

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