Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I actually made some money with AuctionAds

When I first heard about AuctionAds I went really quite hard with it, loads of impressions and loads of click throughs but after about a month of testing I had yet to see any cash from it. So I ditched the program altogether.

But for the last few weeks I have been adding their ad units back to some of my newer blogs, mainly because they fit the niches quite well and they fit what I'm targeting.

I guess AuctionAds never worked for me in the past mainly for the same reason Amazon never worked for me, I wasn't targeting the customer, in the past I'd just throw up some ad boxes in my sidebar and expect everyone who visited my blogs to be interested in them, what I didn't realize back then was the only people interested in them were people who were actually looking to buy the stuff.

For example, someone arriving at my blog through the key phrase "man in monkey suit" is probably only wanting to see a man in a monkey suit, someone arriving for the words "monkey suit for sale" is probably interested in the ads.

It's all in how you target your visitors, having a blog full of posts that are not in the least targeting people who want to buy stuff will likely be unsuccessful with these types of ad programs.

So yea I made some money with AuctionAds, not much though, but for me the way I'm using Amazon to sell stuff seems to be working out the same for AuctionAds.

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ONwebCHECK said...

Yes, I heard about that before but I realy have to take care about it now.