Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I don't understand Amazon but it works

I have no idea how amazon works, I've been logging in everyday to see if I have made anymore sales, but it seems that it takes ages to update, I even clicked some of the links myself and no update for a couple days.

Today was different though, I was expecting a few more link clicks than usual because my affiliate site has moved to the first page of search results for my key phrase, what I wasn't expecting was to have 21 ordered items staring me in the face, my site has only been on the first page of results for about 4 days and if this is the result I can expect I am one happy man.

The thing I don't understand is that all but one of the products ordered are not what I'm targeting at all, shipped vs ordered must be different as well, I'm only seeing earnings for shipped items. I'm also pretty happy with the percentage I am getting, I was expecting a much lower amount than what is shown, $94.84 revenue equals a $5.70 cut for me, I'm happy with that.

In trying to work out what went down, I've figured that one person bought 3 items, one person bought one item in bulk totaling 15 items and the rest are separate purchases.

It's quite a shock to me, I've been signed up with Amazon since I started blogging, maybe two years ago and up until a couple weeks ago I had never made a single sale.

Once I figure out Amazon a bit and see if this wasn't just some random one off, I'll put something together on how I went about this whole affiliate marketing thing.

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