Monday, September 17, 2007

Need a good place to eat in London?

Trusted Places is a site where you can share your opinion on just about anything that involves the hospitality industry, this includes bars, cafes, restaurants, shops and many other places. It's a user generated guide on whats worthy of your visit, you can even discover places to eat that you may have not known about, suggested by users such as yourself.

The great thing is that it covers the whole world, you could be in London looking for new London restaurants to try out or you could be from anywhere in the world maybe on your way to London for a visit and want to get a good idea of what's good.

I really like this idea, I find that when I'm looking to buy something I drift more towards the user reviews to get a good idea of what a product is like.

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Pips said...

i was in London last year. It was great.