Monday, September 17, 2007

You need back links for everything!!!

The one thing I hate most about trying to be a successful money making blogger is link building, yet it is one of the most important in terms of google search engine referrals. If you want each and every post you make to be at the top of the results for your keywords you need links from other sites pointing to it.

From experience I know it's hard to create content that loads of people want to link to naturally and one workaround to that as you may know (I talk about it a lot) is social bookmarking sites, they only get you so far though and if your submissions haven't taken off pretty much instantly on those sites you can pretty much forget about people discovering your links and linking to them that way, but at least you'll get a few back links from the social bookmarking sites themselves.

The few times I have been at the top of such sites the back link benefits have been pretty good, usually driving such posts to the tops of search engine results and keeping them there.

In my recent activity of trying to rank well for a few choice keywords I've come to realize even in pretty uncompetitive niches that you need more than just what the quick fix solutions can offer and at the moment I'm kind of stumped about how to go about it, I know the age of these blogs could be a factor, to young, but I just don't see a way to build links with the topics I'm concentrating on, one could be seen as spammy, but it's not, the other just doesn't seem to have a community to back it up.

I may have to go and do a bunch of directory submissions (I hate that) or something, maybe I should have thought the whole process out before jumping into it without setting my self up and knowing that I had everything in place to feed off of.

Just a bit of a Rant on my part, I know that starting a blog from scratch does take time and it does take a lot of work, it's just that I can see another couple of months of doing stuff that I have pretty much forgotten about, but hey if early estimates are anything to go by, once I am dominating these areas I should be raking it in.

To many links, lots of my time, but it will pay off.

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