Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Blog Round-up for October 2007

Happy Halloween people, if you celebrate it that is, as with most of my blog round-ups I usually get them out a little early, nothing to interesting to report, nothing comes to mind anyhow apart from the huge google PR fiasco, my main blog took a hit but most of my newer blogs now have PR, including a 1 page blog that is now PR 3, go figure.

Nothing much has changed on my blog that got hit, in fact I'm seeing better rankings and more traffic for some of my target keywords phrases.

Been a good month traffic wise for MPL, especially since nothing of mine went viral, 17,640 visits and 29,058 page views.

Strange Clips got 1,216 visits last month, I must have a nicely indexed page because I do nothing with that blog at all, maybe I should.

Earnings Report - I made a bold goal on my newest blog Game Junker to make at least $1,000 in October, well that hasn't happened at all, my offline job got in the way, more hours and not enough for blogging. Could I have done it, made $1,000 in a month, I'm not to sure, maybe if I went like a bat out of hell yea.


Total earned in October: $230.98
Total for September: $296.08
Total for August: $434.92
Total for July: $82.91
Total for June: $87.78
Total for May: $57.99

Total for 6 months: $1190.66

Half of that came from sponsored posts and the other half came from other types, adsense for example.

I don't know, I think I have to think of another strategy, on the plus side natural search engine traffic is increasing and so is passive income, but that could be due to the theme and that it's Halloween at the moment, though some of the keywords I'm ranking for are pretty good and I have never ranked for them before.

On another note I've recently come across a blog similar to mine in that it keeps up with the news of a certain niche, only difference is they have like 10 times the amount of posts I have and about 4 times the posting rate, for me it's a nice blog to aspire to be like.

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