Sunday, October 28, 2007

ClickTale, watch your visitors in action

ClickTale is a stats package with a difference, it has some of what most free stats services have, but the difference is you can actually watch how your visitors interact with your website.

I've had this site in my bookmarks for I don't know how long, but it was always in beta but after some cleaning up of my bookmarks recently I saw it was now in full swing.

It's easy to use, just sign up, set-up some easy options, add the code to you blog and I found within minutes I was able to watch videos of my visitors in action on my blog.

It's a pay service but it does have a free option which limits you to 100 recordings a week, I used my recordings up within an hour or so, I chose to record every visit but you can set it to any number of ratios.

Watching the videos is very easy and very very interesting, what I have found with the blog I have ClickTale on is that most people watch the videos and leave, the second thing I noticed was about half the people stick around to read comments and the third is only a few stick around after that.

Most of my ClickTale recordings are about 2 minutes long, but I have one that is 35 minutes long and I watched the whole thing, I watched the visitors every click what they watched and what categories they were interested in.

So far for me it's a novelty but I imagine if you were to watch and analyze each video it could be a very useful tool.

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