Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Finally Some Results I can Share about Widgetbucks

So I've been testing out Widgetbucks for a little while now, tweaking the placement and such, for me the stats on widgetbucks seem to be going all over the place, money earned on a previous day doesn't show up while later days do, strange.

I've been reading on DP forums about the nice amount of cash people have been making per click and in my various niches it's a lot better than what adsense earns.

On to my results, I had the widget placed in an area on this blog that turns out not to convert very well, just under the header, so last night I moved the widgetbucks ad to the right sidebar and it's converting much better. All up I've had 6 ad clicks and have earned $1.66, 4 clicks came over night with the placement change, 2 clicks over about a week and a half with the badly placed one, so I'm hoping to see some more results tomorrow.

Comparing this to what I make with adsense I need at least 5 times the clicks to make the same amount, so if I manage to get the same amount of clicks that I do with the sense I could be looking at 8 bucks a day.

Though I hear people were getting more per click in the beginning and that the per click average has reduced over time, hopefully it stays at the rates it is now or similar, my average is 28 cents a click.

I had auction ads in the place where widgetbucks is now and with auctionads I did used to get a lot of clicks, so here's hoping. All that is left now is to get to the minimum payout and see if they pay, though with there payment process it could be another month before we see reports of people getting payed.

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GettyCash said...

I don't get get a lot of clicks from my blog. May be its not what they are interested in.