Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Free stuff because of your blog

From time to time I receive emails from mostly TV related persons offering me free products, mostly so I can review the items on my blog or give them away as prizes.

So far I have had quite a lot of book offers and a few DVD pack offers, some pretty cool DVD packs mainly related to the paranormal. The thing is I actually haven't ever followed up on any of them, I don't know why either but I guess the main reasons are that I think they're scams, I don't want to give out my address over email, though deep down I know most are legit.

The thing I find interesting is that I am by no means a big figure in blogging, but I am in a niche where there are a lot of others but there's also not if that makes sense and being contacted with offers of free stuff out of the blue is very cool, makes ya feel important or in demand.

I can only imagine if I were a big figure in a tech related niche what kind of free offers I could expect, though books and DVDs are still pretty cool, I should really follow one up and get the stuff, I have a hankering for running some competitions but I don't want to pay for anything, a free promo product would be ideal.

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