Thursday, October 18, 2007

Last Rant about Widgetbucks

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So I've been trying out Widgetbucks, I see a hell of a lot of potential in it's current state and the amount you could potentially earn seems like a lot. My experience however hasn't been as profitable as I would have liked it to be, my highest traffic blog isn't really suited for the program, lousy click through rate and doesn't really have anything to offer to my audience. A few of my other blogs would really work well with Widgetbucks I think, pity they have no traffic to speak of, about 100 UV a day combined though I haven't been working on them all that much.

At this time widgetbucks seems to have a limited amount of ad inventory but I guess as time goes by this will fill up, what I have noticed is as I do some random site/blog surfing I have come across sites that have filled up their pages almost elusively with widgetbucks widgets, made for widgetbucks springs to mind, now I don't know if this is against their TOS, but say having a computer product site with decent traffic with nothing more than widgets for the visitors to click on and with the high pay per click Widgetbucks currently has, well people must be making a ton of cash, though lets see if they get payed.

I'm just bummed that my site doesn't convert very well because judging from the clicks I have had there's a lot of money to be made.

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