Tuesday, November 13, 2007

WidgetBucks Referral Stats

For Widgetbucks to work for you I feel you have to have the right kind of blog, me I don't think any of mine suit it really well. That being said, they do have a really nice looking ad box and if your site suits any of the categories they have, well I reckon you could be onto a winner.

Onto the referral stats, in the My Bucks section I was happy to find that I had earned a commission from my referrals, they seem to be doing better than I am. Another thing I noticed is that they have now added a referral stats thing to the main stats page, I'm hoping this is updated along with the main stats because it would be really neat to see how my referrals are doing throughout the month instead of at the end of it. Again they seem to be doing better than I am.

Widgetbucks offers a $25 bonus just for signing up, the minimum payout is $50, so all I have to is make $25 and I'll be paid. I really didn't think I would be able to reach that amount judging by how it's not the ad network for my sites, but after seeing that my referrals are doing OK I think I may be safe.

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PMI Certifications said...

Paying to join a program is among my favorite baits as an affiliate manager, it motivates your affiliates a lot. Good to see it worked for you on WidgetBucks.