Friday, December 21, 2007

Is Entrecard traffic any good?

I've been using Entrecard for a few days now and the traffic sent from them is pretty decent, checking over my google stats it's number 5 on my traffic sources.

The traffic has mainly come from I guess people searching for sites to advertise on, I haven't bought many advertising spots myself, taking things slow. My feeling is that traffic would be next to useless as they are probably looking mostly for if your site is worth their credits.

The whole deal reminds of sites like blogexplosion so far, I guess once I have enough credits to buy ad spots on some bigger sites I'll get a good picture on if it's worth the time.

My advice for Entrecard is to move slowly once you've signed up, all my ad spots were full within minutes of signing up, 5 in total all worth 2 credits each for a days advertising, I've been rejecting them ever since and now a days advertising on my blog will cost you 22 credits a day.

Take it slow, because it looks like the sharks on it already know the ins and outs of it, kind of taking advantage of the newer users, though not in a mean way.


Aura said...

Not sure about this one. I am a bit hesitant. At the moment I am working with what I have.

Oh, a bit of bragging here...My environmental blog made it on blogs of note recently. It has been a nice two weeks for Living In A Toxic World. One night I had 3000 hits...that felt really good.

Have a good one.

Dulcenegosyante said...

I've been a fan of Entrecard since I joined the community.
It's no longer free advertisements but also buying some stuffs, reviews, SEO and a lot more for your EC credits. Check the Entrecard store. :)

Clip said...

Getting some pretty good traffic from them, on par with say blogcatalog, though I haven't been buying advertising with my credits, just other users looking to advertise.

That's pretty cool about blogs of note Aura, feels good to get that kind of traffic, I haven't had a burst in awhile, but I always feel motivated even more when it happens.

pet supply and accessory said...

I think it gives me a decent traffic. quality traffic too.

Your Online Guide said...

I joined Entrecard months ago in my other blog, and as you said, the traffic is fair but not satisfactory ;D

Clip said...

I've barely been using the credits I get from entrecard, just gathering them up, may do something with them some time.

I don't even advertise that much on it, but I still get some traffic, from the listing.

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Quaran said...

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