Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Niches and news

Been awhile since my last post here, nothing much has been going on, traffic is slowly sliding up on most of my blogs, what I've found is all I have to do is post to them regularly, lol just kidding, kind off.

As a blogger I'm pretty slow at putting what I know into practice and at the moment I'm going down two paths, one is what I've been doing the whole time, just blogging about what I like, the only difference being is concentrating on new stuff to the net, for example a new video that appears online that no one has written about that has the potential to become viral, I'll blog about it, gain some quick links to that post and appear first in google for the keywords and when the video catches on I'll be there to reap the benefits, well until someone else gains more links than I do.

The second path is finding niches to sell affiliate products in, these are low work sites, set them up and forget them, but for me I'm trying to find topics that interest me so I can write on a regular basis, but the main emphasis is catering to a buyers need.

The niches I've found so far are very tiny and specific, low traffic, with very low competition. I know this works because I've been selling amazon products through a very small site in a very small niche with maybe 20-30 hits to the site a day. The niche is so that the only reason anyone would be searching for it would be to buy it.

And finding similar type niches to explore isn't that hard at all, you just have to do your research and think outside the box, sure I'd love to be selling HDTVs but imagine the work involved in trying to compete in that market.


Your Online Guide said...

You have your point. Is affiliate marketing worth it? I was just wondering. Thanks.

Clip said...

Yea I think it is, you've just got to work pretty smart, all my affiliate sites etc are all small scale, but they are paying, not a lot, but I've earned about the same amount of cash in six months with affiliate deals than I have with adsense in 2 years.

I'm working on my next affiliate site at the moment and I'm going for either a very competitive product to sell which I've found some pretty good keywords for which would be very low maintenance once I gain good SERPs, that's the hard part.

Or an all out one stop shop with a huge database of products for a particular niche.

They'll both be blogs though.

Rudy B said...

you know, these things always take time... start small and keep persevering, and if you work hard at it and are dedicated it WILL pay off!

hair tools said...

Sometimes finding those really low competition niches can be tough, but they are so worth it despite the lack of traffic.

bi-folding doors guru said...

I had the same thought as you but obviously I was the last to think of it, since all the small niches I've tried to get into have already been taken :(

Blogger said...

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