Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I'm already making money online doing this

I've been trying some new things lately, namely finding affiliate programs and products to promote. In the past I've relied heavily on PPC programs such as adsense and paid to post programs such as .

The thing is I've gone off doing paid to post deals some what, even though it's really good money, I find that I can never find assignments that really relate to my blogs involved.

And PPC programs, the amount of money I'll make will increase as the traffic to my blogs increases, so it's just a waiting game with PPC programs.

That leads me to promoting affiliate products. I've had some pretty good success selling products for amazon, especially taking into account how much traffic my affiliate site gets, I think in 5 months I've had a total of 2,000 visits to that site, not much at all, though it's a very small niche and wouldn't expect much more than that. The thing is I've made a total of $1,442.95 in sales for amazon with my cut being $73.21.

I make about 20 sales a month with traffic to the site being about 400 visits a month, that's a 5% conversion rate, which means 5 out of every 100 visitors buys something through my site.

The product I'm promoting is something that I think the only reason anyone in their right mind would be searching for it would be to buy it, so that works out great.

The niche is so uncompetitive that I pretty much dominated the search engines for my keywords over night, but I only targeted it because I knew there was a trickle of searches for the keywords I was concentrating on.

What I'll do differently though is to research alternative affiliate programs, what I found with my test product is that Amazon were the only place selling it and frankly their commission rates suck.

At the moment I have a page that is ranking well for a few choice keywords, what I like to call a "buying phrase", the only reason people would search it would be to buy it. Because of this I've been looking for Affiliate programs to promote on the page, I know I won't find it on amazon, so I've been using Affiliate networks to find products.

Affiliate Networks bring together a big number of affiliate programs, programs selling anything from cellphones to ebooks.

Here's the networks I'm using at the moment.

Shareasale - Huge list of programs, I find pretty much anything I'm looking to promote.

Commission Junction - Good collection of programs, though I've heard if you're not active they'll close your account.

Join Pepperjam Network today! - A pretty new network, not as many programs as the above two, but super cool looking.

- Just signed up to these fellas, quite a few programs to promote, they had what I was looking for and after a day I'm already making cash, $1.00 a lead and I've made a few, see how it goes.

So at this point I don't actually know what I'm doing, all I know is there seems to be huge potential in promoting affiliate products, for example you have a home loans site and you rank number one in google for the term "home loans" and you find an aff program that pays $300 per lead, say a signup form, why not promote it on your home loans site and make bank. Huge example and I'm no where near going to compete in that niche, but you get the picture.


aura said...

Amazon has been very disappointing for me. I have made just over 4 bucks since signing up. You are right about their shitty commission rates.

I heard that by using IZEA (PPP) that your page ranking will take a nasty hit. Plus I don't want to drown my site with unrelated content. There is no way I am talking about hemorrhoid cream on my site. LOL

Thanks for all the info you provide here, it is a big help and always appreciated.

new zealand map said...

I have had fairly good luck with Amazon and as well as PPP. But cj has done nothing for me, but take up space.

Clip said...

Heyas, I've been signed up to amazon since I started blogging, about 3 years, I used to have the ads in my sidebar and stuff like that, that doesn't work so well.

The traffic has to be targeted, say a review of a book, write a review post, promote the post a little and maybe you'll rank well in search engines for the keywords, anyone searching for the book could likely click on through to amazon and buy it.

Never made a dime with CJ either, just another option if your looking for that specific aff program.

Yea I've been hit by the payed to blog monster on MPL, ain't to worried about it though, still make on average about $120 a month with MPL.

I guess what I'm starting to move into is similar to what some affiliate marketers are doing with adwords campaigns and their sites, though I'm doing it with search engines, which is free and much slower.

Your Online Guide said...

I joined Amazon months ago but never made a sale or commission. Too bad for me, I guess. But thanks for sharing some other programs. I might check them ;D

Clip said...
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Clip said...

The thing I've found with Amazon is you just have to make loads of sales and the commission percentage will seem more reasonable.

You have to get traffic that is super targeted as well.

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I have done moderatly well with Amazon & PPP. It is nothing to write home about, but the extra money is nice for the little effort I put into them.

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