Friday, February 15, 2008

Time at the Races

With betfair you can play the horses live, while the action is on, place your bet and be part of great fun that is horse betting.

I've never been to the track myself, the closest I have gotten is placing a bet and watching the race on Television.

I think it's a pretty interesting idea batting on the horse online, all the races forms at your fingertips, ease of placing a bet and the ease of collecting your money, but as with any betting, you may come away empty handed, the thrill of the race should still be there.

Betfair also has bonuses for signing up and winning and also by referring your friends, they also have a number of other opportunities for betting such as sports, poker.

The site is very extensive and is frequently updated with all the latest betting opportunities.

Whenever I decide to have a bet I usually bet small but I really get into it even though I have little on the line and it's always such a thrill when I win. I usually try to follow my brothers lead as he is always winning, he doesn't play much but when he does he wins, trifectas and stuff, that's really exciting.


Warhammer Online said...

It's great entertainment, you such have to monitor that you do not get too addicted to it.

Matthew the sports guru said...

Well, it's the fun and excitement of watching horse racing. A little winning bet will double the fun. I'd better check the site.

Drew said...

I hate horse racing. These mean people give the animals a bunch of substances to race better, and I think the horses need drug rehab (as ridiculous as it sounds).

Join me said...

Your post so informative but I can`t agree with you. Horse racing isn`t exciting kind of spending free time, because animals suffer. Now people choose online entertainment: games, casino