Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Yuwie wont make you rich, well...

...unless you know how to use it.

I signed up after a long time of avoiding it, I thought it would be full of nothing but spam, judging by my first impressions I was wrong.

You could say Yuwie is much like Myspace and you'd be right, though there's a slight difference, Yuwie is actually useful. Every other page I encountered on Yuwie was packed full of information, videos, blogs all seemingly written by actual real people, unlike Myspace which seems full of junk.

I'm actually excited about using Yuwie.

What's Yuwie all about?

In a nutshell it's a social network, just like Myspace, you can add your friends, meet new people, blog, add photos and videos, leave comments, join groups and a whole lot of other features. The one major difference with Yuwie is they pay you for using their service.

Now there seems to be two different camps when it come to making money with Yuwie, there's those who add as many people as they can as friends in hopes of getting their pages viewed, which will earn them money.

Then you've got the recruiters.

The friend adders I feel would have to be at it 24/7 to make any decent cash, so the best option to make money with Yuwie would be to become a recruiter, this involves getting as many people as possible to sign up to Yuwie through your special referral link and then teaching your referrals to do the same. This way you earn a percentage of what your referrals make and you also earn a percentage of their referrals and then their referrals and so on 10 levels deep, by this time you should have a network of hundreds if not thousands of referrals and you earn a percentage from all of it.

As far as I can gather having an army at level 10 has the most earning power.

So if you want to make money with Yuwie, sign-up and start spreading your referral link any where you can, friends, other social networking sites, forums, blogs, anywhere and advice your referrals to do the same and to advice their referrals to also do the same and so on.

Otherwise if your not into making money with it, use Yuwie as you would any other social networking site.


new zealand accommadation said...

Out of curiosity what kind of money are we talking about? Is it like adsense gathering up a few cents here and there?

Clip said...

It's basically a pyramid scheme with no risk at all.

To earn big bucks you need to refer new users, and they refer new users as well, and so on right down to ten levels of referrals, you get a cut of what ever all those levels make.

So basically you need an Army of referrals under you.

But I've figured if you refer 5 people yourself and they each refer 5 people and then everyone there on referred 5 people each you'd have ten million referrals on your tenth level, the level with the biggest commission percentage of 30%.

No one's near those levels yet, but crunching the numbers of those who've made a hundred bucks a month the numbers do work.

It's just a matter of getting loads of referrals on your tenth level.

I'm rolling with my plan at the moment, we'll see how it's going in a couple weeks.

I only plan on referring 5 devoted people who I can give my full attention to, then I'll advice them to do the same and to pass on the same information to their referrals as I have with them and hopefully the whole referral tree works right on down to level ten.

Then I could be sitting on $10,000 to $40,000 a month.

As far as I can gather compared to a lot of things on the net it's a pretty solid program. Seems to me that a lot of the advertisers Yuwie uses are impression based, some of the companies have good CPM as well, $4 per 1000 impressions, and you get a cut of that and if your have a large referral tree, they be doing the work for you.

Dang that was ranty, lol, I guess that's what happens when you try to absorb as much info as you can in a short period of time.

northern indiana real estate said...

That is an interesting idea to use on the web. I just can't help but think of the Amway people back in the day though. :)

Dental Marketing said...

I have a good friend who will be very happy to hear about this site. She has several blogs which have done nothing with Adsense ads and she is really starting to get frustrated.

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Its Crazy Delicious said...

This sounds interesting!

Webkinz Tipz said...

I am going to sign up because I need some extra cash.

Pet supplies said...

seems like spammy social site- related to business mote then to people

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Rapmusic said...

Is the fact true that the site pays the user. Interesting to see so many facilities available in it.

Joan Nieri said...

Seems to me that if a person has a great service, item or skill, it will sell without a great site.

On the other hand, a great site without a great service, item or skill will go nowhere.

There are so many people on the net selling products that are being sold by millions of others. How in the world can a face in the crowd make any money.

Same with so called internet "consultants."

Sure, it is good to have a great blog or web site, but after that, without deep knowledge, a person isn't going to make any real money, certainly not enough to live on.

A top heart surgeon put up a blog on the net recently. It was a poor site, but the first day, he had over 50,000 inquiries for service.
In other words, the man actually had something people desperately needed. The blog format was totally immaterial.

Then occasionally, a school like Linda Christas College offers a few online recruiting positions, and some idiot blogger considers the information spam even if the information is contained in an obvious heartfelt comment.

I just don't get the online community. Everyone says "express an opinion," but, the caveat is, your opinion better be what I want to hear. Don't tell me about something that would actually do me some good.

We criticize the Chines for censorship, and then every blog in the Western world has the moderation feature that pretty much involves deleting everything except the flimsiest compliments.
So, we FREE people end up with less information published that the Chinese population sees. Yet we criticize them.



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